Universal Pin Striping Kits

Our Universal Pin Striping Kits  Made from premium 3M Vinyl pinstripe tape was developed specifically for cars and trucks to provide an alternative to brush painted stripes of the past.  It actually is better and provides more longevity against the abrasions experienced by the average automobile painted surfaces.  It's way faster to install and has no "dry time" and the learning curve for an installer is much smaller. Our Kit will work on any car, and is customizable.

Check out all our vinyl striping and vinyl lettering and decals, available from Letters unlimited Inc. your Sign, Decal, Lettering and striping Supplier. Recently, i have recieved many phone calls and been told that 3M no longer makes pinstripe tape in roll form.  The auto stores are no longer carrying it, and there seems to be nowone can still get them. 3M has long been producing pinstripe rolls of various sizes colors and dementions and packaging them with the 3M Scotchcal stripe brand. Avery is another great material to use.

3M has NOT quit producing the materials used to make automotive pinstriping tape rolls, they still sell all the large rolls, they just no longer are converting it into pinstriping. That is where we come in with our new Universal Pin Striping kits, and size any size voids, look here in our Short Runs and Racing Stripe Pages on our site. All our Vinyl is 3M Series 50. We also carry Avery Metalics, and Premium grade vinyls. All suited for marine and automobile use. There are many uses for vinyl striping, not only on cars, trucks, signs and equipment. Wall striping, and floor striping, Garages look great with a nice racing stripe accenting walls and doors.  Reflectve and non reflective tapes avalable for indoor and outdoor use.

vinyl 3m pinstriping universal pin striping kit