What surfaces are best for Vinyl Striping to adhere to?

Vinyl Striping and Pinstriping will adhere to most flat non course surfaces such as metal, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, painted wood, painted walls, vehicals, and other vinyl striping. We do recommend enamel base paint as a final coat on wood and walls, however high quality latex paints will also work.

What sizes can Vinyl Striping rolls be cut to?

All our Vinyl Striping and pinstriping can be cut to any increment starting at 1/8 inch. This means if you need a 2 1/8, 3 3/4, or 1 5/8 inch roll, or any other size, we can do it. However, we cannot cut Reflective vinyl at 1/8 inch, minimum size for reflective vinyl is 1/4 inch.

What are the lengths of the rolls?

All rolls are 150ft long.

What is pre-masked vinyl?

Premasking is used on premium vinyl. Premium vinyl is 2 mill thick. Standard and Reflective are 4 mill and 7 mill thick respectively and do not require premask. Premask is nessesary on Premium vinyl because it is just too thin to apply. It adds stability to avoid stretching for an easier application. All Premium vinyl above 1.5 inch will come with it. Here is what it looks like Pre-mask is available on all premium vinyl. Click here to view an example

Can you match the striping on my (specific vehicle/boat)?
We cannot guarantee a match, but we do offer FREE color samples that you can hold up to whatever surface you are applying the striping to.