Getting Your Boat Ready for Spring

Another great Vinyl Lettering and Vinyl Striping job by one of our customers. He did this himself. Spring will be here soon enough. This is a great time to add Vinyl Lettering and Vinyl Striping to your boat once the surface has been properly cleaned and prepped regardless of the surface, or whether you perform a wet or dry application, if you do not properly clean the surface before installing the Vinyl Lettering the performance of the adhesive will be compromised. Also, wetting solutions can bring on additional problems on dirty surfaces because the liquid will relax the dirt and debris and make the Vinyl Lettering harder to install.

You might think that prepping the surface is the easiest part of the process and impossible to forget, but most of the time it is the easiest steps that are overlooked. If you are relying on someone else to install your Vinyl Lettering, make sure that the installer is not in a rush and understands the process. A properly cleaned and prepped surface will ensure that your Vinyl Lettering stays in tiptop shape.

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