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Multi Color Rolls

We can now make multi color rolls assembled, any size rolls any colors and any voids that you need. These are all custom and not returnable. Cost: take the cost of rolls and add $75 for the set-up for combo colors up to 6 inch total height of completed roll, 6.25 inch up to 12 inch $100 set-up, 12.25 inch up to 18 inch $160 set-up, 18.25 inch up to 24 inch $210 set-up, allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Multi color rolls Must Be Ordered by Phone please call 800-422-4231. All multi color rolls are custom made to your specifications and are not returnable.

Multi-color vinyl striping rolls Multi-color vinyl striping rolls apply Multi-color vinyl striping rolls remove backing
3M Scotchcal Graphic Film Series 50 High performance intermediate 3.5 mil. vinyl film. This striping will not need transfer-tape and has a 6 to 8 year outdoor life, depending on location and color. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $2.00 per ft.
Avery 900 Super Cast High performance 2 mil. 9 to 12 year outdoor life, depending on location and color. All rolls above 1.5 inch will have transfer-tape to add rigidity and protect vinyl while installing. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $3.00 per ft.

Add 30% For All Metallic Material.

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Pre-mask is a must have on premium vinyl above 1 inch to add stability and for proper installation. It will help when installing striping, Premium Super Cast is very thin and needs transfer-tape to keep straight. Pre-mask is not needed on Standard, and not available on Reflective and Fluorescent. Outdoor life ratings are supplied by the manufacturer and should not be taken as a guarantee.
Avery HV 1200 High Visibility Reflective Vinyl 6 mil. Up to 7 year outdoor life. Avery HV 1200 Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $7.00 per ft.
Avery Fluorescent 1 year outdoor life 2 mil.. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $3.00 per ft.
Vinyl Striping are all Custom Cut and ready for same day shipping in any increment. COLOR SAMPLE ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST, Letters Unlimited Inc. is happy to take back rolls of vinyl that you are not happy with, however there will be a 50% restocking fee (ALL ROLLS ARE CUSTOM CUT FOR YOU) and you will have to arrange for shipping, unless there is a manufactures defect in the product or we send the wrong size, this means a Color exchange will result in a 50% restocking. If rolls are not full when they are returned, we can no longer sell as full rolls and will result in a 75% restocking fee, and or may not be refundable. All returns MUST be made within 30 days of sale. Returns will not be accepted after 30 days. COLOR SAMPLE ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. All vinyl products are pressure sensitive and stick to most smooth surfaces. All vinyl stock manufactured by 3M and Avery. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please call (800) 422-4231 or go to our order page or home page for more information about our other products.
All our material is 12.5" high, we will cut as many stripes that will fit in 12.5" area, in any thickness to any length. Standard vinyl $6.00 per running ft. Premium and Fluorescent vinyl $8.00 per running ft. Reflective vinyl $12.00 per ft. Rounded corners are available in any size and thickness, contact us for pricing.
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